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Viewing curated (shoppable) videos and editing products

Player mode

Users can access the curated data (done by the computer vision backend tech) of the videos - shoppable frames and associated products - once the processing has been completed by our systems. This can be seen by playing the video in the Campaign page. 

The screen shows the markers on the seek bar in the player that indicate shoppable frames. The associated products are shown on the right in the product tray. The status of the video is also shown on the top right. The top left icons allow the user to switch between player mode and editor mode. 

Editor mode

Users can toggle between the Editor and Player mode by clicking the icon on the top left.

This is used for editing the products as identified by the tech providing a way for marketing teams to change the product associated with a frame. 

An inbuilt search is also provided for users to search for other items from the product catalog and update the products associated with the shoppable frames. 

Adding Alternate products and multiple products to a frame

Shop the Video allows you to mark up to 3 products for any given frame. This is useful when you'd want to mark an ensemble of products for any frame. Apart from this, it also allows to add alternate products for a given product. Shop the Video falls back to showing visually similar products for any frame when the source product ID is not in stock (by default). The alternate products behaviour is a bit different from this - where the results for shoppable frames fall back to one of the alternates that have been set, before looking for visually similar products. 

In the above screenshot, you can add alternate products to a frame by clicking on the '+' icon and dragging the alternate product from the search reults above. Use section marked as 2, to add another product to the same frame.

Once all changes are made, the user can save the video. The associated products (including the ones which were changed) will be saved. 

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  • 19-Oct-2017