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Creating campaigns

VueStudio allows you to create campaigns or collections as means to group a set of videos that have been uploaded. It is compulsory to add videos to a campaign before publishing it.


You can create a campaign by clicking on "Create campaign" on the Campaigns page. After creating a campaign, you can add one or more videos from your gallery to the campaign that was created. 

Once the videos have been added to the campaign, the various states of the video will be shown in the thumbnail of the video. Each video goes through the following states:

  • Processing... - Indicates that the video has been uploaded and is pending transcoding
  • Transcoded - Indicates that the video transcoding is complete and is being handled by VueStudio's backend systems to detect suitable frames for shopping and linking them with products (The estimated time between these two stages should be in the order of minutes (For eg., a 2 minute video would take approximately 5 minutes to be transcoded)
  • Processed -Indicates that the video processing has been done, the frames and products identified. This is the stage when you can access the videos on the campaigns page and check them
  • Approved - Indicates that the user has checked the automatically generated frames and products, edited them if necessary, saved it for a video and approved the video for publishing

You can choose to approve the videos that you are done curating and proceed to the next screen of choosing a publishing template. The approved videos will be available on the template page for publishing.

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  • 09-Jul-2018