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Shop the video-Metrics and reports

Shop the video tracks the performance of the videos and user behaviour when they browse to product pages from the video. We track the user actions of adding to cart and eventually upto buys, so that we can attribute the numbers to the videos. 

Metrics are available under three sections:

  1. Video metrics: To see the performance of videos that have been published
  2. User metrics: To see the users data based on their interaction with the videos
  3. Website metrics: This tracks the events leading from video to adding to cart and buys to show the value of how the videos are performing for your business. Note: This requires that the MAD.js pixel is added on all relevant pages on your website.

The list below explains how we define the metrics that you see on your Dashboard. 

Video Metrics

  • Video views: Number of videos that were viewed in the selected time range
  • Videos viewed completely: Videos that have been watched completely
  • Click through rate: Number of times shop button (was clicked) count/(total number of video views - bounce videos)
  • Video bounces: Videos that have been watched but for less than 5 seconds

Interaction on card elements

  • Clicks on product bag: Number of times the shop now button was clicked
  • Hovers on product tile: Number of times people hovered over the product tile
  • Scrolls through product tray: Number of times people navigated the product list in the product tray

Interaction on player elements

  • Clicks on play button: Number of times the play button was clicked
  • Clicks on pause button: Number of times the pause button was clicked
  • Clicks on seek bar: Number of times the seek bar was used

Total views (graph)

The graph shows the list of videos and the number of times each video has been played.

User Metrics

  • Conversion funnel: Shows a funnel of users who did the following: visitors who saw the Shoppable videos loaded on their page --> Those who played the video --> those who clicked on the Shop Now button --> performed Add to cart --> made a buy. The property used to track the user is the `uuid` of the user.
  • By location: Users from their geographical location to have viewed videos
  • By platform: Users who viewed videos grouped by OS type
  • By time: Users who watched videos by time of day
  • By referrer source: Document referrer based grouping of users count

Website Metrics

  • Number of PDP views: Number of page views of the product description page
  • Number of add to cart: A funnel pf page views of specific products (from video) by a specific user --> the same product being added into cart (by the same user)
  • Number of buys: A funnel of add to cart events (by product ID and user ID) --> the same product ID being purchased (by the same user)
  • Generated revenue: Occurrence of product ID in source product ID * prod price (from Add to cart)

What's coming next:

  • Campaign/collection based filtering
  • Specific date range filtering
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  • 17-Oct-2017