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Layout and Product settings for quick view

You can personalize the layout for the visually similar and cross product recommendations on the ‘Quick View’ pop-up. VueStudio offers the following layout options- Tab view and Scroll view. Tab View is the default layout for the ‘Quick View’ option like before:

Good news is, you can now view ‘You may also like’ along with ‘Style it with’ recommendations without switching tabs like before by selecting the ‘Scroll View’ option.

How should I configure the scroll view?

You can configure the ‘Quick View’ layout under the ‘Select Template’ section while creating a video campaign. To publish the campaign with scroll view, you can select ‘Scroll View’ option under ‘Quick view pop-up with layout as’ on the left panel.

NOTE: The scroll view is compatible only with desktop and the mobile views are disabled when ‘Scroll view’ is selected.

Once you have selected ‘Scroll View’ option, you can also select the type of recommendation you would like to view on the pop-up from the following options- Similar products’, ‘Complete the look’ and ‘Both’. This can be selected under ‘Other products to be shown’ section from the left panel.

Similar Products- Will show the similar product recommendations under ‘You may also like’ on the pop-up

Complete the look- Will show cross product recommendations under ‘Style it with’ on the pop-up.

Both- Will show similar product and complete the look recommendations under ‘You may also like’ and ‘Style it with’ respectively. When selected with ‘Scroll View’, complete the look recommendations will be shown below similar product recommendations.

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  • 15-Oct-2018