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VueStudio - Final checklist before going live

So you have used VueStudio and created your shoppable video(s) in less than 5 steps.

Spend a minute to go through this simple final checklist below. 

  1. Video upload:
    • Videos are of optimal duration
    • Images are clear and non distracting
  2. Campaign creation:
    • Name for campaign
    • Connect videos with campaign
  3. Product linking:
    • Catalog uploaded in right format
    • External links provided with the necessary fields
    • Check final set of products linked for each video
  4. Layout / Style Customization:
    • Orientation and form factor selected
    • Layouts and presets selected
  5. Publish:
    • Check embed code / SDK
    • Choose pages to go live
  6. Measurement:
    • Success metrics ready and bookmarked

Congratulations, you are good to go!

You can now publish shoppable videos and campaigns through VueStudio to see increased user engagement and other benefits on your site. 

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  • 25-Apr-2018