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Where can I place my videos to increase engagement?

VueStudio provides you with the opportunity to make all your videos more engaging - from ad campaign videos for your latest collection, how-to guides, styling tips by your experts, videos from your archives, to videos that you can source from your influencers and celebrity endorsers.
VueStudio allows you to host landing pages and campaigns with curated videos to capitalize on special events and seasonal trends, or to simply highlight your latest collection.
In order to maximize engagement with your shoppable videos, use our embed codes to showcase them where your audiences are most likely to see them:
  • Banner ads with shoppable videos
  • Theme based landing pages with curated videos
  • Category pages with a product video showcase
  • Popular category pages/trending product pages
  • Product pages, to highlight and sell complementary products
Employ the capabilities of VueStudio to create more visual stories, engage more viewers, and sell more through video. Keep measuring the performance of the pages where your audiences are showing higher engagement with your videos through the tool's built-in reporting capabilities.  
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  • 25-Apr-2018