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VueStudio - Glossary of metrics

VueStudio provides real time insight into video performance and user behavior. Here’s a quick glossary that you can always count on to quantitatively understand and answer questions regarding the videos you have published using VueStudio.

Metrics are available under three sections:

Report name



Video metrics -

To see the performance of videos that have been published.

Video views

Number of video plays

% videos played completely

Number. of videos with complete plays /Total number of videos

% videos bounced

Number of video plays with watch time less than 5 seconds / Total number of videos

Clicks on 'shop now' button

Number of clicks on 'shop now' button

Video Click Through Rate

Number of videos with at least one click / Total number of videos

Avg. Interactions / video

Number of interactions / Total number of videos

Total views (graph)

The graph shows the list of videos and the number of times each video has been played

Report name



User metrics -

To see the users’ data based on their interaction with the videos.

Number of users with video views

Number of unique users with video plays

% users with videos played completely

Number of users with complete video plays / Number of users

% users with videos bounced

Number of users with watch time less than 5 seconds / Number of users

Number of users with clicks on 'shop now' button

Number of users with clicks on 'shop now' button

User Engagement Rate

Number of users with at least one click / Number of users

User Interaction Rate

Number of users with at least one interaction / Number of users

User segments

User who viewed videos split by geographical location, OS type, time of day and referral source of marketing campaigns (available as a tab each)

Report name



Website metrics* -

This tracks the events leading from video to events on the site / app.

Contact us for metrics in this section and more detailed analytics

(* Note: The availability of website metrics requires that the vue_ai.js is added on all relevant pages on your website / app for pixel and user event tracking)

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