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VueStudio - How to make videos shoppable?

Once you have uploaded a video, three things happen behind the scenes:

  1. Video Transcoding: The video is transcoded automatically into multiple resolutions such that the best possible version (resolution) of the video can be served to end users when they view the video.
  2. Frame detection: VueStudio's AI enabled video tech processes the video and identifies frames which are worthy shoppable frames. VueStudio picks the final set of best shoppable frames based on heuristics like blur, object confidence, duration for which an object is present on screen etc.
  3. Product linking: Once the best frames are identified, VueStudio can identify products from the catalog linked to an account and pick products which are closest in terms of visual attributes to the ones in the detected shoppable frames.
Typically, all these steps take 3-5 minutes for a one minute long video since the time it's uploaded. You will have to wait after uploading the video, before viewing this on the video editor page.

Video Editor Screen

On this screen, you can do the following:

Add or edit the shoppable frames detected

  • The set of frames which are identified are shown with a thumbnail in the editor page along with the timeline of the video. The frames are indicated with a small notch in the video seek bar.
  • You can either agree with a detected frame or move the frame to a different timestamp in the video by deleting the detected frame and adding a new one by clicking the plus icon.
  • When the add frame icon is clicked, VueStudio performs a search for matching products against the new frame which you add.

Add or edit products which are identified

  • VueStudio discovers matching products for detected frames from the catalog which is present on your account. These products are shown at the bottom of the page. A maximum of three product types are picked and displayed. The product image, title and ID is displayed as per the product catalog. 
  • In case the identified products are not what you are looking for, you can choose to use the text search option available on the screen to link other products from the catalog. This step uses's VueFind capabilities to look up products based on an extensive array of visual attributes. For example, you can search for products like "Black sheath dress" or "Blue v-neck full sleeve dress" etc. You can also search for products using product metadata like ID, title etc. as present in your product catalog.

Adding external links

  • You can use the option of linking a frame to any product description page from any site.
  • This is useful to link to products which may not be present in your catalog or if you don't wish to have a catlog associated to your shoppable videos.
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