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Do I need to upload my product catalog, what are the advantages?

  1. VueStudio provides a way to tightly integrate the shoppable videos with your products. The products' metadata and visual data (attributes) are processed and stored by our systems.
  2. This information is used to find matching products for a shoppable frame which is detected in your video. For eg., if there's a model wearing a blue dress in the video, the closest matching blue dress from your product catalog is picked and suggested as the product to be linked to the frame.
  3. The product catalog can be uploaded daily via VueStudio to update our systems on product inventory, stock, price etc. This information is used while powering the results of the shoppable videos. Coming soon: Set up ways to update product inventory information automatically via API or from a cloud location.
  4. The product information is also used when the source product associated with an identified frame is out of stock. A visually similar product is automatically picked and displayed for the corresponding frame.

Advantages of using your own catalog in Quick view

The quick view template option offers a way to increase product discovery on the published videos. While users are viewing the products associated to the shoppable frames, other products - visually similar and cross product recommendations - can be showcased. The information required for this is generated automatically from the catalog that is uploaded by the engines.

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  • 17-Jul-2018