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Step-by-step guide to quickly publish your first shoppable video

Now that you have created your account, here's a guide on the steps you need to take to publish your first shoppable video.

  1. Click here to upload your own video. Click on the "Add Video" icon on the page to upload one of the videos from your computer. You will see an upload screen showing the progress of the upload. Close the window once the upload is done.
  2. This uploaded video will be transcoded and processed by our systems to detect shoppable frames.
  3. While this is in progress, you can browse away to the campaigns page to create a campaign.
  4. Add a new campaign by giving it a name - "Summer dress campaign" and add the new videos to the campaign in the following screen.
  5. Edit the video to see the detected shoppable frames and edit them if needed. You can add more frames manually and see the matching products for the frame appear below. You can use the search option to over ride the identified products (from the demo catalog) or link the frames to external URLs of your choice.
  6. Choose your publishing channel - Landing page or as a widget on your website (embed code will be provided)
  7. Customise layout - the colors of the product tile, player behaviour, player style - see it in action in the Preview section
  8. Publish the page and Go Live - if you have chosen the landing page (OR) get the embed code to add on your website.
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  • 22-Jun-2018